Central Station 1998

An emotive journey of a former school teacher, who writes letters for illiterate people, and a young boy, whose mother has just died, as they search for the father he never knew.

Caramuru: The Invention of Brazil 2001

Diogo Álvares, a Portuguese map illustrator, reaches the Brazilian coast, after his caravel sinks. He is saved by the Indian chief Itaparica and his two daughters, Paraguaçu and Moema. They call him Caramuru and together they engage in a happy love triangle. But the chance to return to Portugal arises, and it is clear this amoral arrangement cannot last.

Lula, the Son of Brazil 2010

The true story of a working class boy who moves to the nation's financial capital at a young age and becomes one the most influential politicians in Brazilian history.

Bye Bye Brazil 1980

The Caravana Rolidei rolls into town with the Gypsy Lord at the mike: he does magic tricks, the erotic Salomé dances, and the mute Swallow performs feats of strength. A young accordion player is completely enamored of Salomé, and he begs to come along. The Gypsy Lord shrugs, and the accordionist and his pregnant wife, Dasdô, join the troupe. Television is their enemy as they go from the coast deep into the Amazon. Salomé lets the accordion player sleep with her once, with Dasdô's knowledge. He's moon-struck. Then, after Dasdô's baby is born and financial disaster hits the troupe, and the accordionist must choose between seeing his wife a prostitute and leaving the caravan.

Hebe 2019

Hebe Camargo is one of the most emblematic entertainments in Brazil. At her 60s, she went on to control her own career and, despite the criticism, the dreadful husband and the powerful and sexist bosses, she revealed herself to the public as an extraordinary woman, capable of overcoming any personal or professional crisis.

Hello, Hello, Brazil! 1935

A man is looking for a radio singer named "Dulcineia." For this, he goes through the biggest hassles and problems. The plot, in fact, is an excuse for the exhibition of the musical numbers of the greatest Brazilian Radio artists.

Chatô, The King of Brazil 2015

The true story of Assis Chateaubriand, the first magnate of communications in Brazil. Due to his influence during the late 1930s up to the early 1960s, he has come to be called 'the Brazilian Citizen Kane'.

Brasil Animado 2011

This is the first 3D animated Brazilian film. It tells the story of Stress & Relax: a businessman who thinks only of money and a film director who lives for insisting that this invest in their projects. This time, the "project" is to look for the oldest tree in Brazil. Stress is excited about the possibility of making money with this rarity. The problem is that they do not know exactly where it is. Stress and Relax out in search of the "Big Jequitibá Rose" with no map, no compass and clueless.

Go Ahead, Brazil! 1982

The film is set on mid-1970, when the military regime's "economic miracle" and the victory of the Brazilian national football team on the FIFA World Cup serves as a distraction for the persecution of opposition leaders by the political police of the dictatorship. Under this context, Jofre Godoi da Fonseca, an alienated middle class man, is mistaken for Sarmento, a political activist he met at an airport prior to his assassination. He is then arrested and brutally tortured by a paramilitary group of vigilantes sponsored by influential businessmen to hunt down people deemed "subversive" by the regime.

Brasil 1981

João Gilberto receives Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil and Maria Bethania during the recording of his album Brasil.

Brasil 2014

This is an exiting night in the life of Nelson and Lucas. They are preparing to march to the government hall. Nelson is a elite squad police officer. Lucas, his brother, prepares posters and Molotov cocktail to ignite the crowds.


A montage of various images showcasing the tropicality, architecture and environment found in Brazil.

Nosferato no Brasil 1970

Budapest, XIX century: Nosferatu is killed by a prince. On holiday in Brazil, now in color, he saps several natives. Mythical masterpiece.

Brazil Avenue 2012

Brazil Avenue is a dynamic, lifelike, and modern telenovela that reveals how unrelenting ambition and inflicted cruelty can change a young girl’s destiny and lead her to seek revenge.

Dancing Brasil 2017

The Brazilian version of the worldwide successful format “Strictly Come Dancing/Dancing With the Stars” that sees celebrities, paired up with professional dancers, performing dance routines which are judged by a panel of renowned ballroom experts and voted on by viewers.

Power Couple Brasil 2016

Confined in a mansion in Sao Paulo, couples will have to face trials of endurance, skill and reasoning and, of course, test how much one knows the other. In the end, only the strongest couple with the best knowledge of themselves will win the competition.

Gigantes do Brasil 2016

The miniseries tells in four episodes the story of powerful men that included Brazil in the world economic map in the first decades of the twentieth century: Francesco Matarazzo, Percival Farquhar, Giuseppe Martinelli and Guilherme Guinle. Visionaries, dreamers and polemic, they bet on developments that put the country on the path to become one of the economic powers of the twenty-first century.

Bake Off Brasil 2015

Bake Off Brasil is a Brazilian competitive cooking reality show. It is based on the British series The Great British Bake Off.

Big Brother Brasil 2002

Brazilian version of the reality game show in which a group of houseguests live together 24 hours a day, isolated from the outside world but under constant surveillance with no privacy. Each week a guest is voted out of the house until only the winner remains.

The Voice Brasil 2012

The Voice Brasil is a current Brazilian reality talent show which premiered on Rede Globo on September 23, 2012. Based on the reality singing competition The Voice of Holland, the series was created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. The show is currently broadcast on Sunday afternoons, before the traditional Sunday soccer matches, in a total of 13 weekly episodes. The season finale aired on December 16, 2012 with Ellen Oléria as winner.

Shark Tank Brasil 2016

Brazilian version of the American reality show with investors interested in providing financial support to large enterprise ideas. But to guarantee the necessary investment, entrepreneurs will have to convince these true "sharks" of business.

Busão do Brasil

Busão do Brasil was a Brazilian reality television show, which premiered July 30, 2010 with the season finale airing October 19, 2010 on the Band television network. The show was presented by former MTV Brasil VJ Edgard Piccoli, with the direction of Michael Ukstin. There were twelve contestants competing for the grand prize, which was R$1,000,000 without tax allowances. 29 year-old police officer Mario Remo won the competition over student Thalita Wagner and fashion designer Camilla Fit at the live finale.

The Taste Brasil 2015

Professionals and amateurs cooks will have their plates subjected to thorough taste of a weight jury in national cuisine: Claude Troisgros, Felipe Bronze and Andre Mifano.

O Brasil É aqui

O Brasil É Aqui is a Brazilian TV Show broadcast by GNT. It has a total of 26 episodes of 30 minutes each. In English the title means "Brazil Is Here"

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