Pilgrimage 2017

In 13th century Ireland a group of monks must escort a sacred relic across an Irish landscape fraught with peril.

Pilgrimage 1933

A mother from Arkansas is very possessive of her grown son. To prevent him from getting married she has him drafted into WW I.

Pilgrimage 2001

Accompanied only by music the film alternates between shots of pilgrims near the tomb of Saint Sergei in Sergiyev Posad, Russia and pilgrims at the Basilica of Guadalupe in Mexico.

Pilgrimage 2003

Join Chris Sharma on a bouldering pilgrimage to the sacred village of Hampi, in the south of India. Along with friends Katie Brown and Nate Gold, Sharma has come to explore the infinite possibilities of this place among ancient Hindu temples Sharma's legendary strength and natural approach to what he calls "the practice of climbing" yields difficult and beautiful new boulder problems This groundbreaking climbing movie combines world-class action with a rare and inspiring view into the mind of this extraordinary climber Special features include extra outtake footage, soundtrack information and BigUP trailers

Pilgrimage 1958

St. Joseph's Oratory, a picturesque shrine silhouetted against Mount Royal, draws pilgrims by the thousands every year. They come from California by Greyhound bus, from Vancouver by plane, and on foot from many parishes surrounding Montréal. What is the fame of this shrine, that it attracts the devout and the curious alike? The story is told by Brother Placide Vermandère of the Order of the Holy Cross, who was personally acquainted with Brother André, after whom the shrine's famous temple is named. Cameras follow a procession of the League of the Sacred Heart through the streets of the city to the famous sanctuary and show many of the religious observances conducted in the church, including Mass attended by invalids who come in the hope of being healed of various afflictions.

Pilgrimage 1972

In this artsy drama, a nihilistic youth from a wealthy family involves himself with an assortment of troubled souls until his father (who may be behind the son's troubles--psychoanalytically speaking) dies. When the young man goes to the wake, he soon chases all of his hypocritical relatives away by ritualistically dropping food from the buffet to exorcism them.

Zatoichi's Pilgrimage 1966

Our hero Zatoichi sails to one of the distant islands to begin a pilgrimage to a total of 88 Shinto shrines.

The Pilgrimage Play 1949

Nelson Leigh assumes the role of Jesus Christ in this drama that depicts such historical events as the Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper while portraying the period in which Christ roamed the countryside preaching the gospel.

Love's Pilgrimage to America 1916

Lulu, the bishop's daughter, and Tom, the Duke of Bilgewater's nephew, are in love and want to marry. Their relatives oppose the marriage, however, because Lulu's marriage contract with a curate has been signed and Tom is engaged to his ugly cousin, Lady Mary. Lulu and Tom elope to America and look for work.

Pilgrimage from Scattered Points 2006

'Pilgrimage from Scattered Points' is a film about the English composer Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981) and The Scratch Orchestra (1968-73). Cornelius Cardew formed the orchestra with Michael Parsons and Howard Skempton in 1968 and published their draft constitution in "The Musical Times" in June 1969. The constitution set out the framework, which would dominate the orchestra's musical work for the first half of its existence. It proposed a fluid community where students, office workers, amateur musicians and some professional composers would gather together for performance, music making and edification.

The Sacred Sites of the Dalai Lamas: A Pilgrimage to the Oracle Lake 2007

On this fascinating journey you will explore the caves where the early Buddhist masters achieved enlightenment, enter the monasteries where the early Dalai Lamas and the founders of Buddhism meditated and taught, and - at an altitude of over 16,000 feet - look into the remarkable Oracle Lake where every Dalai Lama has had prophetic visions. Written by Anonymous

Sistine Chapel Choir: Complete Musical Works of the Pilgrimage 2000

Filmed live inside the awe-inspiring Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, Italy, this memorable performance captures the renowned singers of the Sistine Chapel Choir performing the "Complete Musical Works of the Pilgrimage." Combining the beauty of classical music with the passion of fervent worship, the concert was commissioned for Pope John Paul II and the Vatican in celebration of the Catholic Church's Great Jubilee of 2000.

Pilgrimage 2017

Adventurer, pilgrim, penitent but above all outstanding writer, Fernão Mendes Pinto left us an unparalleled romance, the living and human palpitation of one of the greatest historical adventures of man.

Asturian pilgrimage 1942

In the Asturian town of Llanes (Spain), we see an example of Asturian pilgrimage, with the festival dedicated to San Roque.

Walk, Walk, Walk ~ Shikoku Pilgrimage Journey

Aruku, Aruku, Aruku ~Shikoku Henro-michi~ (NHK Drama Special, Winter 2013) is about Hayama Misa (Tanaka Rena), a down-on-her-luck free-lance writer. Leaving her unhappy life in Tokyo, she takes part in the Shikoku Pilgrimage as a lone walking pilgrim. It has been said that if a pilgrim completes the pilgrimage by visiting all 88 sacred places, his/her wish will be fulfilled.

Adam's Pasta Pilgrimage 2017

Adam’s Pasta Pilgrimage is a thirteen part television series that explores the origins of Italy’s most famous food: pasta.

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