That Man in Chang-An 1967

A romantic Han Dynasty adventure epic of a dying Emperor, an Evil Queen, a beautiful Princess, a dastardly royal nephew, and a masked hero, with plots and counterplots galore, complete with cliffhangers and last-second rescues.

The Imposter 1975

With the cast list, you would almost expect this to be another Chang Cheh film. Two of Chang's proteges, David Chiang and Chen Kuan-tai go head-to-head in The Imposter which sees cinematographer Pao Hsueh-li back in the director's chair. Chiang plays Ko Liang, as master of disguise who puts his seven faces to good use when he goes to the aid of two young guardsmen Tseng Yung (Danny Lee) and Tseng Kan (Wang Chung) who have been framed by Captain Lo (Chen Kuan-tai) for murder.

A Man Called Tiger 1973

A young man suspects his father's suicide was actually a murder committed by gangsters. Using his expertise in martial arts, he gets himself hired by the gangsters who he suspects are responsible for his father's death.

The Sleep Curse 2017

“The King of Gore” Herman Yau returns with a gruesome tale that follows the cursed life of a young translator who collaborated with the enemy during Japan’s wartime occupation. He is tormented by guilt after turning his back on the comfort women who were mercilessly murdered. Forty-five years later, his sin comes back to haunt his son, a professor specializing in sleeping disorders who begins a terrible experiment to exorcise his father’s ghost.

The Back 2010

China. Mid 90's. HONG Tao, thirty years old, moved from the countryside to Beijing where he works in a fancy restaurant. He lives with a strange secret since the cultural revolution. Back then, his father was a famous Mao's portrait painter and he was obsessed by the leader's representation. He started tattooing Mao's portraits on human skins. HONG Tao, oppressed by this heavy inheritance, wants to hide it from the world. But a new wave of unscrupulous antique collectors will do anything to get their hands on them.

Millionaire Cop 1993

A police detective (Aaron Kwok) must pose as the son of a millionaire to catch a kidnaping ring. Trouble starts when the policeman's girlfriend starts working for the businessman.

Face Hunter 2014

A deserted old house which is surrounded by ghosts in an old city suddenly terrorizes a town with strange deaths, slowly revealing startling sinister events that occurred five years ago… “Child of the Necromancer mask” is the theme of China’s first surreal horror thriller combined with China’s oldest and most cruel death curse legend…

Under the Bridge 1984

This simple romance story does not mean much to westerners, and in fact, does not even mean anything to Chinese today, but it was a big thing when it was made, not long after the end of Cultural Revolution in which even the personal romance was restricted. This movie is one of the pioneers of personal liberalization in advocating people seeking out their love following their own hearts, not from other people.

Jiang hu ba mian feng 1991

The heir to the throne flees to South China and is pursued by troops of a usurper as well as bandits and his own followers and supporters.

House of Flying Daggers 2004

In 9th century China, a corrupt government wages war against a rebel army called the Flying Daggers. A romantic warrior breaks a beautiful rebel out of prison to help her rejoin her fellows, but things are not what they seem.

Days of Miandi 1996

Two very different young women attempt to cope with the cultural changes sweeping their hometown of Beijing, China in the late 1990s.

Queens 2005

In Spain, a couple of days before a collective gay wedding, the lives of five mothers, whose sons will get married, are entwined: Judge Helena is in charge of the ceremony; the entrepreneur in hotel business Magda is hosting the guests in her hotel and is responsible for the banquet, while facing a strike leaded by her lover and chef; the nymphomaniac Nuria is facing problems due to her disease; the wealthy Reyes is having a crush for the father of her son's mate and her gardener; and the Argentinean cooker Ofelia is facing financial problems and difficulties in with her son's mate. Along three days, they have complicated relationships with their sons and mates, ex-husbands, lovers and employees.

The Silver Fox 1968

The Silver Fox is a throwback, the last of its kind where the heroic swordsmen are women. Lily Ho (before she became one of Shaw Brothers' great erotica actresses) portrays the feared swordswoman Silver Fox, who as a child saw her father senselessly wounded and her mother raped. It's 18 years later and it's payback time.

The Double Life 2010

Hangzhou, China, the present day. Chen Congming, an associate professor at a medical college who is popular with his students, alarms his superiors with his theory that everyone has the potential to go crazy, and that the dividing line between sanity and insanity is paper-thin.

No No Sleep 2015

A new entry in the Walker series. 'No No Sleep' is set in Tokyo, where Tsai Ming-liang met with Ando Masanobu.

Gun Brothers 1968

Welcome the "Bandit with a Thousand Faces" to the ranks of the great screen "outlaw heroes". Like Zorro, he uses a secret identity as a playboy to foil tyrannical Shan Yung county authorities. Bringing this swashbuckling adventure to the screen is a cast and crew fairly bursting with talent - including directors who were also popular actors and writers, and an actor (Ling Yun) - playing the lead dual role of twin brothers - who was also the director/ writer of some of the greatest martial art epics ever made!

Head Above Water 2017

When top secret research on the newest Bathyscaphe technology is stolen, a task force headed by Hong Shao Qiu and Ye Han is assigned to solve the case while the nation's secrets and defense is on the line.

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