September 1987

After a suicide attempt, Lane has moved into her country house to recuperate. Her best friend, Stephanie, has come to join her for the summer. Lane's mother, Diane, has recently arrived with her husband Lloyd, Lane's stepfather. Lane is close to two neighbors: Peter, and Howard. Howard is in love with Lane, Lane is in love with Peter, and Peter is in love with Stephanie.

September 2007

The friendship of two 15 year old boys - one black, one white - begins to fall apart under the stress of a changing world.

Come September 1961

Robert Talbot, an American millionaire, arrives early for his annual vacation at his luxurious Italian villa. His long-time girlfriend Lisa has given up waiting for him and has decided to marry another man. Meanwhile, his sneaky business associate Maurice secretly misappropriates the villa as a hotel while Talbot is away. The current guests of the "hotel" are a group of young American girls.

September Dawn 2007

A story set against the Mountain Meadows Massacre, the film is based upon the tragedy which occurred in Utah in 1857. A group of settlers, traveling on wagons, was murdered by the native Mormons. All together, about 140 souls of men, women and children, were taken.

See You in September 2010

Feeling abandoned by her therapist who's gone on an extended vacation, beautiful Lindsay gets help with her fear of commitment from an ad hoc support group formed by other New Yorkers also left high and dry by their shrinks. But when her pals dare her to date fellow group member A.J., Lindsay begins to wonder if she's finally found her match.

September Affair 1950

An industrialist (Joseph Cotton) and a pianist (Joan Fontaine) meet on a trip and fall in love. Through a quirk of fate, they are reported dead in a crash though they weren't on the plane. This gives them the opportunity to live together free from their previous lives. Unfortunately, this artificial arrangement leads to greater and greater stress. Eventually the situation collapses when they come to pursue their original, individual interests without choosing a common path.

Until September 1984

American tour guide Mo Alexander misses her tour group, and then her flight out of Paris. Stuck in the city of romance, Mo runs into the very suave -- and very married -- Xavier, who attempts to seduce Mo while his family is out of town. His charms prove hard to resist, and Mo succumbs, though her conscience weighs heavy. Soon their bickering romance of convenience takes a serious turn, and, in spite of himself, Xavier finds he's falling in love.

Liz in September 2014

A shocking secret, ex-lovers and the arrival of an outsider shake things up for Liz as she celebrates her birthday at a lesbian-owned resort.

One Day in September 1999

The full story of the 1972 Munich Olympics Massacre and the Israeli revenge operation 'Wrath of God.' The 1972 Munich Olympics were interrupted by Palestinian terrorists taking Israeli athletes hostage. Besides footage taken at the time, we see interviews with the surviving terrorist, Jamal Al Gashey, and various officials detailing exactly how the police, lacking an anti-terrorist squad and turning down help from the Israelis, botched the operation

September Vacation 1979

Engineer Zilov, having woken up, finds the funeral wreath at his place – his friends' present. This rather symbolic joke makes him recollect the previous night as well as 2 last months...

September 2013

Judith attempts to work out why her partner appears not to be that interested in her, whilst other men appear to care more.

September 2010

September is a film about the complicated choices of simple people. The internationally renowned Estonian author, Jaan Kross (1920-2007) was arrested in 1944 by the Nazis. A year after the Soviet forces entered Tallinn and he was arrested again. The accusation was the same both times: conspiracy with the underground independence revolutionaries. Based on the author's journal, pieces from his oeuvre and interviews, the film creates a story about a few monumental weeks in Tallinn, in September 1944.

September 2005

A mini-documentary chronicling Ryan Adams & the Cardinals making Jacksonville City Nights.

September 2018

September’s ripeness, a blessing on earth, our Indian summer.

September 2013

The death of a pet prompts the unraveling of a woman.

September September 1986

"[This film] embodies (...) one of his [Hahnemann's] most mature films. Rainy rides along Schönhauser Allee, which seems to be depopulated. Past the 'Viennese Café', the meeting place par excellence. From a moving train the view of idyllic landscapes, on the horizon a castle. The camera tilts, turns, until the world is upside down. Scenes of an action with the artist friend Heike Stephan: in the sanctuary Hahnemann, black painted with a white turban, and Stephan, stack cages with rabbits on top of each other. Then TV recordings of a discussion forum with Jean-Luc Godard and Rosa von Praunheim - scenes as from another planet. From the off again and again a poem Hahnemann, recited by Peter Mario Graus. The diction is initially calm, almost factual, increases, eventually overturns, but then falls back, resigned. " (Claus Löser in "Gegenbilder")

Dancing in September

Dancing in September is a 2000 HBO television film starring Isaiah Washington and Nicole Ari Parker.

15 Septembers Later 2016

Featuring interviews with key political figures including President George W Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Rudolph Giuliani, Michael Bloomberg, and media heavy hitters Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Matthew Broderick, this documentary event examines 9/11 through the lens of the last 15 years. Brought to life by photos declassified in 2016, recently released documents from the 9/11 commission, and never before heard stories from photographers and first responders, a new perspective will arise to provide an unrivaled viewpoint of the historic attack.

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