Shang-a-Lang was a children's pop music TV series starring the Scottish band, the Bay City Rollers. It was produced in Manchester by Granada Television for the ITV network and ran for one 20-week series in 1975. It featured the band in a number of comedy sketches and performing their songs to a live studio audience made up of their teenage fans. This resulted in chaotic scenes at times as some members of the audience attempted to run onto the studio floor to meet their heroes, resulting in security officers having to forcibly restain or even eject them from the studio. The show's theme song "Shang-a-Lang", was a hit single for the group, peaking at number 2 in 1974 in the UK.

A Good Wife

As her seemingly idyllic life begins to crumble, a lonely woman in a restrictive marriage starts an affair with a gentle bookstore owner.

Shangri-La 2009

The story of a young woman fighting for her survival in a real "urban jungle." Only 18 years old, Kuniko Hojo finds herself at the heart of the battle for humanity's future when she discovers that the government which rules Atlas intends to continue marginalising the less-privileged masses outside the tower - by force, if necessary.

A Bite of China 2012

This series explores the history, traditions and culture of Chinese food. Filmed at over 160 locations across China, this series truly is a feast for the senses. The seven-episode documentary series introduces the history and story behind foods of various kinds in more than 160 locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The documentary has also been actively encouraged as a means of introducing Chinese food culture to those unfamiliar with local cuisine.

First Love 2016

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Zuo Zai Jun, Zheng Lei and Ning Xiao Meng were good friends in college. In fact, both Zai Jun and Lei were in love with Xiao Meng. But Xiao Meng left for the United States to further her studies, and Zai Jun and Lei lost touch with her for eight years. During that time, the men raised Xiao Meng’s daughter, Miao Miao, whom Xiao Meng left behind. But when Xiao Meng suddenly returns after eight years and wants her daughter back, will her reappearance reignite the the emotional rivaly between Zai Jun and Lei?

Accidentally In Love 2018

The quirky experiences of a popular singer who returns to school and becomes seat mates with a seemingly ordinary girl. When Si Tu Feng decides to go back to school, he becomes the center of attention as fans, classmates and the media follow his every move. He meets Chen Qing Qing, an ordinary student with a dual personality.

General and I 2017

Brilliant strategist Bai Ping Ting and prince-general Chu Bei Jie of rival kingdoms find themselves torn between loyalty to the country and their passionate love for each other.

Shanghai Bund 2007

Shanghai Bund is a 2007 Chinese television series and a remake of the 1980 Hong Kong television series The Bund produced by TVB. Directed by Gao Xixi, the series starred Huang Xiaoming, Betty Sun, Li Xuejian and Huang Haibo in the lead roles.

The Bund 1980

The Bund is a Hong Kong period drama television series first broadcast on TVB in 1980. It is praised as the Godfather of the east and spawned several sequels, remakes and film adaptations. The theme song of the series, performed by Frances Yip, also became a memorable Cantopop hit.

Bromance 2015

Could anyone be more excited to reach her 25th birthday? Pi Ya Nuo had an inauspicious start to her life. Doomed to live her life as a boy, Ya Nuo is shy and always tries to keep her distance to people to hide her true identity, and the mysterious aloofness makes her irresistible to the girls around her. With her 26th birthday fast approaching, will Ya Nuo find her much-anticipated return to being a female will be as easy as she had hoped?

Lord of Shanghai 2015

In a time when Shanghai was controlled by the merciless warlords, sworn brothers Kiu Ngo Tin (Anthony Wong) and Kung Siu San (Wayne Lai) have to rely on each other. Together, the ruthless Siu San and the cunning Ngo Tin create a world of their own, but in order stay on top, Ngo Tin has no choice but to leave his past behind completely, including his confidant and true love Ku Siu Lau (Myolie Wu), a Peking opera apprentice.

Just You 2013

After paying her rent 6 months in advance, Liang Liang Chen (Guo Xue Fu) receives a court notification that her home will be seized. New owner Yi Chi (Aaron Yan) doesn't make it any easier when he holds her house deed hostage and practically threatens her to move out. As if things couldn't get any worse, Liang Liang's new boss steps into the office, and declares a ban on office romance. Who would’ve guessed that the new boss is none other than her newest enemy, Yi Chi? Now the distant and evil landlord is promoted to an insufferable boss who is persecuting love! It's a full on war both on and off the clock as Liang Liang is determined to change Yi Chi's ways.

Shangri-La 2019

An intimate look at the creative process through the lens of legendary music producer Rick Rubin.

I Love My President Though He Is A Psycho 2017

Shi Xiao Nian is a third-rate cartoonist living an ordinary life. Until one day Gong Ou, a rich CEO of an IT company, suffering from paranoid personality disorder, captures her and asks her to return their child, which she “supposedly” gave birth to 3 years before. He utilizes every mean to force an answer and to pursue her, including low-EQ techniques. But as he faces her gentleness and courage, they fall in love...

Shanghai Vice 1999

In a city where heroin dealing can bring the death sentence, drug rings mean business…and so do the police. The activities of the city’s vice squad – including high-level sting operations and the interrogations of murder suspects and drug runners - are at the heart of the stories.

Perfect Wedding 2016

Wedding planner Xia Ran is in search for her boyfriend who has broken up with her. Young doctor Jin Zhi Hao is tired of his mother's worry about his marriage status. So in an attempt to fulfill each other's wishes they set up an agreement: Xia Ran pretends to be Jin Zhi Hao's girlfriend in exchange for his help to find her boyfriend. Through helping other people find happiness the two slowly fall in love with each other.

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