Devil's Knot 2013

The savage murders of three young children sparks a controversial trial of three teenagers accused of killing the kids as part of a satanic ritual.

The Knot 2006

They fell in love; Chen Qiushui was 20. Wang Biyun was 18. When Qiushui fled Taiwan after the 228 Massacre, Biyun gave him a gold engagement ring and they promised to meet again. Qiushui served as an army doctor during the Korean War, where he met Wang Jindi, a nurse from Shanghai who fell in love with him instantly. Years had gone by, Qiushui married Jindi and settled in Tibet. While in Taiwan, Biyun buried Qiushui's mother and continued to pray for his return. Flashback to modern time, Biyun is living in New York. Her niece played by Isabella Leong, a writer, has travelled to Tibet to find out what happened to Qiushui. Through the pictures she sends back via internet, Biyun finally gets to see the familiar face once again.

Hangman's Knot 1952

In 1865, a troop of Confederate soldiers led by Major Matt Stewart attack the wagon of gold escorted by Union cavalry and the soldiers are killed. The only wounded survivor tells that the war ended one month ago, and the group decides to take the gold and meet their liaison that knew that the war ended but did not inform the troop. The harsh Rolph Bainter kills the greedy man and the soldiers flee in his wagon driven by Major Stewart. When they meet a posse chasing them, Stewart gives wrong information to misguide the group; however, they have an accident with the wagon and lose the horses. They decide to stop a stagecoach and force the driver to transport them, but the posse returns and they are trapped in the station with the passenger. They realize that the men are not deputies and have no intention to bring them to justice but take the stolen gold.

Knot 1985

The story takes place in March of 1943 during transportations of Jews from Skopje. Nikola is a surgeon who was taken his working license away, and spends evening hours at the local bar where German officers, along with Bulgarian officer Simeonov, play Russian roulette with their gun pointed at prisoner's head. After suicide of one German mayor, Nikola and the prisoner escape.

Red Knot 2014

Peter and Chloe, a young married couple from New York, decide on impulse to take a belated honeymoon on-board a research vessel en route to the icy wastes of Antarctica. Not long into the journey, Chloe begins to feel neglected and betrayed by Peter, who is focused on gathering information for an article he plans to publish on their return about the work of one of their fellow passengers, the whale biologist Roger Payne. After an unforgivable betrayal of trust by Peter, Chloe turns their fledgling marriage upside down by moving into her own room and staking out her independence onboard the ship. Drawing attention to the poles within each of us, the impressionistic story oscillates between the super-confined interiors of the ship and the vast open spaces of Antarctica. In the end, it's not until Chloe and Peter are lost - perhaps literally, perhaps metaphorically - in the Antarctic ice that they discover how essential one is to the other.

Do Knot Disturb 2009

Do Knot Disturb is a comedy movie which is based on a rich businessman who wants to hide his extra marital affair with a supermodel. He bribes a waiter into pretending to be the model's boyfriend. Mistaken identities and misunderstandings follow which are sure to take the viewers on a hilarious ride.It is a remake of the French movie La doublure (The Valet).

Tying the Knot 2004

A look at the debate over same sex marriage in the USA. The reasons behind it are illustrated with real life couples that have run afoul of current laws despite varying levels of planning. Also, the reasons against it are debunked by proponents.

Top Knot Detective 2017

In the early 1990s, a Japanese samurai detective series was aired in Australia and became a cult success. Titled in Japan “Ronin Suiri Tentai” (meaning roughly “Deductive Reasoning Ronin”), it was soon known in the West as “Top Knot Detective.” The original series was legendary in Japan, a cultural train wreck led by Takashi Tawagoto, a crazy writer, producer, director and lead actor; one who could not act, fight or write at all.

Knot/Not 2019

Two souls search for one another from opposite ends of history, with music by the Catalan artist Eli Ningú.

The Devil's Knot 2018

During the slavery period in Brazil, a sugar cane farm was the stage for the darkest kinds of horrors. Years later, the place's cruel past is still stained in its walls, even if unnoticed, until a series of strange events starts happening and death returns to the farm. The film is divided in five short horror stories.

Lover's Knot 1996

A pair of lovers have no idea that their affair is overseen and orchestrated by an angel sent by Cupid to see that they remain together in this romantic comedy.

The Knot 2018

The Knot - Directed by Daviana Lee is a love story with an interesting twist.

The Knot 2017

A couple use magic to stay together but after things go sour they have to reverse what they have done.

Why Knot 2014

Why do human beings get married in almost every society in the world? Why do we cheat? Why is monogamy so important to a relationship and why does infidelity cause so much grief? These are some of the questions acclaimed documentary filmmaker Dhruv Dhawan confronts in his next feature length documentary which explores why human beings evolved cultures of marriage and monogamy that are rife with infidelity. As he attends various lavish weddings occurring within his family, Dhruv is pestered to follow suit but is haunted by his family’s history of infidelity, as well as his own and embarks on a personal quest to discover the origins of marriage, the reasons for monogamy and the pain of infidelity as he tries to mediate an open relationship with the woman he loves. Dhruv’s search takes us on a journey into the biology of sex, the history of patriarchy and the politics of monogamy told through the lives of scientists, swingers, adulterers and Dhruv’s own family.

The knot of meridian 2015

One day, one moment, there the forest has its own time. The place without meridian. The empty place. The place without human. The place has been thought as "forest" in our memory. This suspense film of forest was shot in the small forest which gets even smaller and forgotten in urban life in Japan. The graphical details, the dark, humid shadows of forest and the digital sound are overlapped.

The Knot 1998

The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn is a two-part Russian television documentary by Russian filmmaker Alexander Sokurov on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. The documentary shot in Solzhenitsyn’s home shows his everyday life and covers his reflections on Russian history and literature.

Untying the Knot 2019

Several Bangladeshi women recount their experiences with domestic abuse and look towards the future.

Tie the Knot 2016

When an American woman takes an impromptu journey to Mumbai too get away from her overbearing mother, she befriends an Indian woman striving to balance her family's culture with modern day demands. What ensues is an ethnic and generational mash-up that will leave audiences enthralled at the calamity of old-school traditions and contemporary lifestyle.

Knots Landing 1979

The domestic adventures, misdeeds and everyday interactions of five families living on a cul-de-sac in a small California community.

The Don Knotts Show 1970

The Don Knotts Show was a variety program aired by NBC as part of its 1970-71 lineup. Long relegated to the role of sidekick, which he had portrayed for many years in several television series and films, Don Knotts was the headliner here. Each week, he and his guests put on standard TV variety fare of the era. Two recurring features were a skit about the effort involved in putting a weekly television series on the air, much in the spirit of The Jack Benny Show, and The Front Porch, in which Don and a guest would sit in rocking chairs and quietly discuss their philosophies of life. Notable regulars in his cast included Elaine Joyce and Gary Burghoff, who had previously portrayed "Radar O'Reilly" in the film version of M*A*S*H and was about to achieve his greatest fame in reprising that role for the television version of it.

Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac 1997

Knots Landing: Back to the Cul-de-Sac is a 1997 television miniseries that served as a reunion show for the primetime soap opera Knots Landing. It aired on CBS in two two-hour parts on May 7 and May 9, 1997. The miniseries takes place four years after the series ended in 1993, and brings back castmembers William Devane, Kevin Dobson, Michele Lee, Donna Mills, Ted Shackelford, Joan Van Ark, Michelle Phillips and Stacy Galina in starring roles. It also includes cameo appearances by former cast members Tonya Crowe, Brian Austin Green, Kim Lankford, Claudia Lonow and Patrick Petersen.

Moonshine and Valentine 2018

Guan Pi Pi lives a quiet life until a mysterious man named Helan Jing Ting appears. Jing Ting is blind when he’s under the sunlight, but has an excellent vision at night. Furthermore, he’s a vegetarian. He’s an expert when it comes to ancient jade and he always stares at the moon while listening to a serenade at night. At first, it seems like Pi Pi and Jing Ting met each other by coincidence, but they’re actually tied together by fate. However, Jing Ting’s father pronounced a curse on them: Pi Pi always dies a terrible death when she wants to reciprocate Jing Ting’s love. Jing Ting isn’t willing to give up though. Will he be able to change their fate in this life?

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