Sin salida 2006

After her solitary and baleful prayers, a stern old woman leaves her apartment for the laundromat leaving behind a young boy. At the laundromat, she's importuned by a young woman who questions her sharply about a man in the old woman's past. Back in her apartment, a young couple talks in the bedroom. Is all of this in the old woman's head? Is she reliving her past, from which there is no escape?

Sin salida 1971

Ex-con trying to go straight is backed into a corner by "former associates."

Proxima Salida 2004

The stories of five railroad workers who have been sacked as a consequence of the economic crisis.

Emergency Exit 2014

A major change in the constitution has revolutionized the life of thousands of people in Argentina, the legalization of same sex marriage. Following this event Mathieu and Augustin have led a very serious investigation throughout this huge country covering a wide spectrum of the population and asking them to testify about their everyday life and experiences since their coming out and their legal union.The result is a very beautiful, honest and touching documentary.

Departure from Palacio de Don Tomás Estrada Palma 1906

Depicts the exit of the President of the Republic Tomás Estrada Palma from the Presidential Palace, after giving the government to the Secretary of War of the United States, William H. Taft. This was the start of the second US intervention on the island.

Vacancy 2007

A young married couple becomes stranded at an isolated motel and find hidden video cameras in their room. They realize that unless they escape, they'll be the next victims of a snuff film.

Freeway 1996

Following the arrest of her mother, Ramona, young Vanessa Lutz decides to go in search of her estranged grandmother. On the way, she is given a ride by school counselor Bob Wolverton. During the journey, Lutz begins to realize that Bob is the notorious I-5 Killer and manages to escape by shooting him several times. Wounded but still very much alive, Bob pursues Lutz across the state in this modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.

Cutterhead 2018

Rie is a PR-coordinator visiting a tunnel boring machine to portray the well-oiled European cooperation in the Metro construction when an accident suddenly occurs. Unable to escape, she takes refuge in an airlock with Croatian miner Ivo and Bharan, a worker from Eritrea.

No Mercy 1986

An unconventional undercover Chicago cop and his partner are recruited to commit the murder of a New Orleans criminal kingpin.

No Way Out 2008

Joaquin (Polo Ravales), an unassuming fisherman, is forced to confront his homosexuality when his sex-starved wife Cynthia (Althea Vega) returns from her overseas job eager to get pregnant. His young and impulsive lover, Waldo (Joseph Bitangcol), flees to Manila in disgust. After a month of hesitation, Joaquin leaves his wife to follow Waldo. His search takes him on a seamy yet colorful trip through Manila's gay underbelly. He discovers Waldo's dangerous flirtation with Rufo (Emilio Garcia), a bisexual rogue cop who holds the clue to Waldo's disappearance. Rufo lures Joaquin into his home and introduces him to his submissive wife, Beng (Jean Garcia). A sadist who beats up Beng regularly, Rufo turns Joaquin into a prisoner and sex slave - like he did to Waldo. When Joaquin is finally reunited with Waldo, he discovers that Rufo is about to sell them like fish to an international sex trafficking ring, along with his personal harem of male and female captives.

Dead End 1937

Mobster "Baby Face" Martin returns home to visit the New York neighborhood where he grew up, dropping in on his mother, who rejects him because of his gangster lifestyle, and his old girlfriend, Francey, now a syphilitic prostitute. Martin also crosses paths with Dave, a childhood friend struggling to make it as an architect, and the Dead End Kids, a gang of young boys roaming the streets of the city's East Side slums.

Terror Trap 2010

Driving to a weekend getaway, a car breakdown strands young couple Don and Nancy (David James Elliot and Heather Marsden) while passing through a small, rural Louisiana town. Finding the couple on the roadside, the towns inhospitable Sheriff Taylor (Jeff Fahey) tells them therell be no one to repair their car before morning. He directs them to a nearby motel for the night run by Carter (Michael Madsen). Checking into the seedy, rundown establishment, Don and Nancy have no way of knowing how this place deals with outsiders. Badge aside, the Sherriff answers to Carter, as do a gang of twisted, masked kidnappers, torturers, and killers. By the time Don and Nancy realize whats happening, its too late to flee. They must fight to survive the night, or be the next victims of the Terror Trap...

The Rising of the Moon 1957

Three vignettes of old Irish country life, based on a series of short stories. In "The Majesty of the Law," a police officer must arrest a very old-fashioned, traditional fellow for assault. The man's principles have the policeman and the whole village, including the man he slugged, sympathizing with him. "One Minute's Wait" is about an little train station and glimpses into the lives of the passengers, with a series of comic setups. The third piece is called "1921" and is about a condemned Irish nationalist and his daring escape. Tyrone Power introduces each story.

Last Exit 2006

This suspence drama begins when two ordinary women falls on evil times when the car wreckage happens. One is a single mother of a handicapped son; another is a careerist trying to combine her high-pressure career and her family demands. When the police is involved, it becomes clear that the car crash was not a simple coincidence after all. But however it may be, each woman's life spirals out of co

A Warden's Ransom 2014

The new female warden of a high-security prison faces challenges when an inmate puts up a bounty to anyone who can break him out of jail.

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