Boy 2011

18-year old Christian has just graduated from high school. At his summer job he is seduced by the 36-year old single mother Sanne. Soon he is drawn into a world of sensuality and his acquaintance with Sanne turns into an intense love affair which forces Christian to deal with his newly discovered sides.

October Boy 2018

14-year-old Thomas moves to the city. In school he meets Mads and Emma, who are interested in him for different reasons.

Pretty Boy 1993

Nick is a handsome 13-year-old runaway whose search for a family leads him into the arms of male prostitution. While Nick's sexual exploits with strange men keep his pockets lined with cash, the experience does nothing to preserve his waning innocence. Soon enough, he's as hardened as a man three times his age.

White Black Boy 2012

Shida is the new kid in class in a private boarding school in Tanzania. He is shy, he has no self-esteem, he does not speak one word of English - the primary language in the school, and he suffers from albinism. Like most children with albinism in the country Shida was taken away from his parents to be protected from the witchcraft related killings. The film follows Shida during his first year at the new school where the rules are strict and tolerance low. He is trying his best to meet the demands. The school is a chance of an education and to escape a life on the bottom of society. With the help from his new friend Allan he is struggling to become better in school and to be accepted by the teachers and pupils.

Niels Pind og hans dreng 1941

Det lille lokaltog kommer møjsommeligt tøffende ind på Torslev station. Stationsforstanderen står iført tøfler på perronen og venter på toget. Da det standser, viser det sig, at der er en eneste passager med. En yngre fremmedartet, elegant klædt mand stiger ned på perronen med et par kufferter med en masse flotte mærker fra fremmede lande. Manden hedder Nelson. For mange år siden drog han udenlands. Nu vender han hjem for at se, hvordan det står til i hans fødeby.

Skymaster 2006

Life becomes troublesome when 10-year-old Kalle's newborn sister has a birth defect on her back resembling wings. Only he sees the true miracle of his sister's odd appendages. When she is sent to the renowned Plastic Palace Clinic of cosmetic surgery for an amputation, Kalle sets out on a rescue mission. On the road, he meets Alf, a reclusive mechanic, who agrees to help. Together, they take off in Alf's vintage Cadillac in a race against time through an autumn-colored world of song and dance.

Pandasyndromet 2004

A young boy, Bjørn, discovers on his 17th birthday that his problems with the girls might not be self-inflicted.

Ri¢hie Ri¢h 1994

Billionaire heir Richie Rich has it all, including Reggie Jackson as a batting coach and Claudia Schiffer as a personal trainer -- but no playmates. What's more, scoundrel Laurence Van Dough is scheming to take over the family empire. Uh-oh! Enter faithful butler Cadbury to save the day.

Boys 1977

This non-narrative film unveils three episodes in the psychosexual life of a neurotic man, beginning with a trip he took to the countryside over the holidays as a small boy, to visit a cousin. Later, he is shown as a high-school boy (Mads Ole Erhadsen). Finally, he is shown as a young man, busily engaged in the amorous pursuit of a trainee nurse.

Powder 1995

Harassed by classmates who won't accept his shocking appearance, a shy young man known as "Powder" struggles to fit in. But the cruel taunts stop when Powder displays a mysterious power that allows him to do incredible things. This phenomenon changes the lives of all those around him in ways they never could have imagined.

Christopher Crumpet 1953

Through drawings, an illustrator tells his dog the story of a boy named Christopher Crumpet. Christopher can at will change himself from a little boy into a chicken. He threatens to do so if his father, Marvin, won't buy him a rocket ship.

The Boy Who Couldn't Swim 2011

Two teen boys meet each other in Copenhagen and team up to find one of the boys' mother. Instead they end up finding themselves - and each other.

De blaa drenge 1933

Sylvia Grøn bliver fyret som lærerinde. I stedet slår hun sig sammen med sin store beundrer, skuespilleren Herman Sander. Sylvia Grøn lægger sine sparepenge i hans rejsende teater, men det går dårligt for teatret. Billedet af Herman Sander falmer også efterhånden som tiden går. Sylvias gamle elev, Eva Kristoffersen, søger tilflugt i teatertruppen. Hun er hemmeligt forelsket i komponisten Henrik Brandt. Lige inden nøglen må drejes om for teatergruppen får Sylvia en ide. Henrik Brandt har skrevet et teaterstykke og det vil hun sætte op.

How to Build a Better Boy 2014

Mae and Gabby are two friends who go everywhere together but they are not very popular in their school. Their classmates always pressure because they have not had a boyfriend so to avoid further setbacks, the girls put in place a plan to create the perfect boyfriend. Both believe that it will be easy to create their perfect guy using the military team building; machinery owned by the father of Mae, the machine works through a wireless keyboard. The machine can create with their settings, a robotic soldier. Of this plan was born Albert an ideal guy to be a perfect boyfriend. He will be the most popular boy of the school.

Song for a Raggy Boy 2003

William Franklin is a teacher who was born in Ireland and moved to the United States only to repatriate in 1939 after his leftist political views cause him to lose his job. Franklin becomes the first non-cleric instructor at St. Jude's, a school for wayward boys run by Brother John, who is a firm believer in strong discipline.

Let's Be Together 2008

Hairon is a Brazilian teenage boy who likes to wear makeup and dress in women's clothes. He lives with his mother and stepfather in a small town in Denmark. Hairon's birthday is coming up, and he travels to Brazil to meet his father for the first time in three years in the hope that his father will come to his party.

Drengene fra Angora 2004

Drengene fra Angora is a Danish television satirical comedy series. First airing in 2004, it has acquired cult status in its native Denmark. Among its more popular sketches are Team Easy On, Landmandssønnerne og far, and Spændende mennesker. The current actors are Esben Pretzmann, Rune Tolsgaard and Simon Kvamm.

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