Shock Corridor 1963

Determined to pull in the Pulitzer Prize, reporter Johnny Barrett will go to any length necessary to win the coveted award. When he learns of an unsolved murder committed at a mental institution, Barrett devises a scheme to solve it and earn himself recognition. With the assistance of a psychiatrist and his girlfriend, Barrett convinces the doctors at the institution to commit him. Once inside, he begins his investigation -- and gradually loses his mind.

Corridor 1970

An unknown observer is seen traveling through a bleak corridor. At the end of the corridor they see a naked woman, whom they are unable to reach as their trip seems to become increasingly twisted and looped.

Corridor 2010

Lonely medical student Frank is pleased with his flat, a quiet place to focus on his coming exams. But when he meets the girl upstairs, the intrusive Lotte, he realizes there is something wrong with the place. Each time he leaves his apartment, Frank is scared... the talkative concierge, the annoying child, the love-sick Lotte, her brutal ex-boyfriend and above all, her new jealous boyfriend, the scary Micke, they all seem to be Frank's enemies.

The Corridor 1995

The atmosphere of a corridor between yesterday and tomorrow, where many doors open into the unknown ... A series of faces, gestures and images both real and imagined time. (A fragmentary narrative without dialogue and depicts several people in Vilnius)

Night Corridor 2003

When Sam searches for answers in the mysterious accident that has befallen his twin, he soon wonders if anyone close to him can be trusted.

Corridor 2013

A walk to his apartment one night, becomes a panic run through those uncanny endless corridors.

Endless Corridor 2013

When a group of young people explore an abandoned mansion, they awaken the restless spirits that haunt the dark halls. Unable to hide from the vengeful ghosts of Serbia's dark past, can they find a way out before it is too late?

Immortality Corridor 2019

Yesterday's Leningrad schoolgirl Masha Yablochkina, after a fierce blockade winter of 1941-1942, comes to the railway courses hoping to survive and gain strength. From there, the girl is sent to the construction of the Shlisselburg highway, which connects the city with the mainland and is in direct sight of German artillery. So the heroine gets into the 48th locomotive column of the special reserve NKPS, which, at the cost of the deadly risk, will have to deliver 75% of all cargo and military equipment to Leningrad.

Corridor 2013

"Corridor" the story of a woman named 'Shiva'. she is head of household, and tried to live a good and honorable efforts to provide for themselves and their only son. Their lives are changed by the arrival of a new path will be.

Eastern Corridor 1966

This film is war parabola with expressive visual style. This not typical point of view about the war for Soviet cinema.

Paranoia Corridor 1995

This film is an elaborately hand-painted step-printed work composed primarily of luminescent greens and blues in constantly shifting symmetrical shapes which suggest, rather than delineate, passage through a corridor. An increasingly menacing evolution of patterns is finally interrupted by a series of static shapes which almost appear to be symbols of resolution, ending on an almost-thigh-bone image.

The Corridor

What’s it like to go to school while incarcerated? It means that the tools in your bike repair class are locked to the table and that classrooms come equipped with panic buttons. It means that room assignments take gang affiliation into account. And it means that exposing your ignorance is seen as a weakness, “becoming prey,” as one inmate-student describes it, in a world of predators. These are just some of the challenges that face participants in the San Francisco Sheriff Department’s pioneering program to help inmates earn their GEDs. Local filmmakers Richard O’Connell and Annelise Wunderlich trace students’ progress from orientation to graduation in this timely and quietly provocative documentary.

Corridor No. 8 2008

The road linking Bulgaria, Macedonia and Albania corresponds to the site of a huge EU infrastructure project called Corridor #8. Corridor No. 8+ is a mosaic film combining fragments from the everyday lives of the characters who live along this non-existent Balkan road. MUBI

Asian Corridor in Heaven 2007

Part of the Insight Asia series, 'Asian Corridor in Heaven' is a six-episode documentary series about the world's oldest trade route, the "Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road". Pre-dating the Silk Road by 200 years, the Ancient Tea and Horse Caravan Road crossed from the Sichuan and Yunnan provinces of Southwest China over mountainous terrain into Tibet, Nepal, and India.

The Corridor Defended 2017

A troubled man from Detroit has to decide whether to try and fix his seedy neighborhood, or take a backseat to the chaotic order of the city.

The Corridor Crew 2016

They run a production studio based on the idea of passion projects, hard work, and creativity. Watch their struggles and victories as filmmakers, friends, and people.

Corporate Corridor

Corporate Corridor is a weekly business program on Dawn News that discusses business issues with top executives representing the private, public and government enterprises of Pakistan.

The Corridor People 1966

The Corridor People is a British television series produced by Granada Television for the ITV network in 1966, devised and written by Edward Boyd. A surreal black-and-white detective series, The Corridor People pitched security agent Kronk against exotic villainess Syrie Van Epp over the course of four episodes.

Corridors of Power

Corridors of Power is an Australian television mockumentary series that first screened on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 2001. The series features the private and public lives of two ambitious federal parliamentary backbenchers Fielding and Dunne who are contesting the same seat in a federal election.

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