Beanstalk 1994

A young boy finds a crate of green beans. When they're planted, they grow a beanstalk to the clouds, where a castle of giants are habited.

Mickey and the Beanstalk 1947

Based on the timeless adventures of "Jack and the Beanstalk," Mickey, Donald and Goofy climb a fantastic beanstalk up into the sky to a place where everything is huge -- the food, the castle and the fearsome giant named Willy who guards a beautiful golden harp! Will Mickey and his friends outwit the giant and make it safely back home?

Jack and the Beanstalk 2009

A fairy tale character who is about to flunk out of fairy tale school, Jack must perform a heroic deed by Monday or fail miserably, just like his father before him. Anxious to make good, Jack sells his C.O.W. (Computer of Wonder) for a handful of magic beans and a mysterious book that records his adventures as he's having them. Accompanied by his sidekick Grayson -- a goose who ate a bean and underwent an amazing transformation -- Jack climbs the magic beanstalk to recover the fabled Harp of Destiny from the evil Giant who lives in the sky. Helping Jack on his perilous quest is the spunky Jillian, a fearless young girl whom Jack meets on his journey -- and who just may have a hidden agenda...

Tweety and the Beanstalk 1957

Jack's mother throws Jack's magic beans outside under Sylvester Cat's sleeping box, and the cat is whisked to the world above, where he finds a huge Tweety Bird in the castle of the legendary Giant.

Beanstalk Bunny 1955

Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (as Jack) find themselves at the top of a beanstalk where they get chased around by a giant Elmer Fudd.

Jack and the Beanstalk 1902

Porter's sequential continuity editing links several shots to form a narrative of the famous fairy tale story of Jack and his magic beanstalk. Borrowing on cinematographic methods reminiscent of 'Georges Melies' , Porter uses animation, double exposure, and trick photography to illustrate the fairy's apparitions, Jack's dream, and the fast growing beanstalk.

Jack and the Beanstalk 1912

We see Jack and his mother very poor and the project of selling the cow discussed. Jack meets the familiar figure of the butcher who bargains with him for the cow and finally Jack consents to part with the animal for the wonderful beans which will grow up overnight until they reach the sky. He takes them to his mother, and, of course, she is heart-broken and throws the beans out of the window. The next morning the vine not only covers the window, but reaches far above the top of the house out of sight in the clouds, and we see Jack start to climb upward. Upon arriving at the giant's castle Jack meets the ogre's wife, who towers majestically above him, and after some parley is invited in, on his plea of hunger. Before he can be served the giant is heard and Jack is hidden in the kettle. The giant comes on and then follows the familiar scenes in which the ogre calls for his bags of gold, his magic harp and the wonderful hen that lays the golden eggs.

Jack and the Beanstalk 1931

A Max & Dave Fleischer cartoon from 1931. Bimbo climbs a beanstalk to find Betty Boop enslaved by the giant.

Jasper and the Beanstalk 1945

The Scarecrow trades Jasper a handful of beans for his harmonica. Jasper plants the beans and climbs up the resulting beanstalk and, at the top, finds a beautiful girl in a golden cage playing a golden harp. Jasper rescues her from the Scarecrow, brings her down the beanstalk, and spends the rest of his days dancing to the music his girlfriend plays on the harp.

Beanstalk Jack 1933

Fairy Tale rehash in which Jack encounters a gang of pseudo-jazz skeletons (animated by Eddie Donnelly). The pre-sound stylings of Frank Moser & Jerry Shields highly contrasts with Bill Tytla's advanced, otherworldly Giant.

Beanstalk Jack 1946

A Terrytoon reworking of Jack and the Beanstalk, and the hen/goose that laid the golden eggs; here, the hen is a Jackpot that lays/produces golden coins, and swings a mean mallet in protecting Jack from the evil giant.

Super Why Jack And The Beanstalk 2009

In Jack and the Beanstalk, Baby Joy, Whyatt's little sister, is having a GIANT-sized tantrum, and nothing will calm her down! The Super Readers use their literacy powers to venture up Jack's Beanstalk and meet a real giant, who's acting like a big baby. Whyatt learns about the soothing power of music from his big brother Jack, and the Super Readers save the day.

Jack and the Beanstalk 1917

Jack exchanges his cow for some magic beans. The beans grow overnight into a beanstalk, which Jack climbs, arriving at a castle that is his. Jack sets a deal with the giant in exchange for their fortune.

Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story 2001

Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story is a 2001 American television miniseries. It was directed by Brian Henson and was a co-production of CBS and Jim Henson Television. It is an alternative version of the classic English fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk. The story was considerably reworked to reflect what Henson believed to be a more ethical, humanist view. The cast includes Matthew Modine, Mia Sara, Jon Voight, and Vanessa Redgrave. Richard Attenborough, Daryl Hannah, and a young James Corden play giants. Among the other giants in the film are beings from the mythology of various cultures, including Hebrew, Buddhist, and Nordic.

The Goodies and the Beanstalk

British comedy troupe The Goodies (Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, and Bill Oddie) satirize "Jack and the Beanstalk" and other targets in a special episode aired on British TV in 1973, later screened in theaters and made available in VHS and DVD formats. John Cleese of rival Monty Python makes a cameo appearance.

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