Chickens Blood 2019

Struggling wrestler and his friends take a shortcut to the event through a corrupt town ran by drugs and find themselves in the middle of a blood feud between the gang and a psychotic clown on meth.

Chickens 2017

In the fashion of horror satire, Two LAPD cops try to cover up a situation after killing an unarmed black teen. But things don't go as planned.

Chickens Come Home 1931

Ollie is running for mayor when an old flame (Mae Busch) tries to blackmail him with a old photo.

The Chickens 1977

Through mordant social commentary and symbolic irony, Amiralay focuses this film on the chicken farming industry in the rural Syrian village of Sadad. He documents the burdened livelihoods of farmers and the economic policies of the government that encouraged industrial egg productions rather than artisanal trades, a switch that ultimately led to the plight of the Sadad's rural peasant class.

Fried Chickens 2016

4 directors direct four different parts of the same story, each with their own unique vision for the film. But is the film a mess? CAN you handle it? All that's sure is that this film will set all kinds of RECORDS.

Mother Carey's Chickens 1938

Fay Bainter stars in this 1938 film, based on the novel by Kate Douglas Wiggin, about a financially-strapped mother and her children who relocate from the city to a small rural town. It was remade by Walt Disney in 1963 as "Summer Magic".

Chickens in Turkey 1919

Marcel Perez is taken aboard an all-female crewed boat where he has to dress as a woman so the female captain won't claim him as her own.

Chickens in the Shadows 2010

In 1979, Toasters ‘N’ Moose formed, put out one album, and disbanded. Now 30 years later, their old manager (and his niece) has brought them together again for a 3 day tour of Northern California. Featuring their now classic hit “Rock Your Body Home” and live performances of many more great songs, our cameras follow on this less-than-historic tour.

Attack of the Killer Mutant Chickens 2011

In the near future, Bangladesh is terrorized by killer mutant chickens. A team of kung-fu fighting chefs must battle in order to keep chicken on their menu. But one chicken sets its sights on revenge. It's time for the ultimate poultry showdown.

Chickens, Hugh and Tesco Too 2009

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall faces his greatest challenge yet, taking on Britain's biggest supermarket, Tesco, in an audacious attempt to change the company's animal welfare policy from the inside by becoming a shareholder.

Wings: A Tale of Two Chickens 1991

When Winnie, who never reads, lifts off with a foxy stranger, sensible Harriet must use every ounce of energy and brain power to rescue her.

Golden Chickensss 2014

Working as a prostitute since she was 16, Kam has witnessed the highs and lows of Hong Kong over the decades. Kamis now a “madam” who manages a stable of high-end prostitutes, entertaining and hosting parties for rich men. She has seen it all. On the surface she embraces the prosperity of the ‘New HK’ but like countless middle-class HK citizens, she laments the lossof the old Hong Kong that once belonged to the people. Over the hill mob boss, Gordon, was put behind bars before the Hong Kong Handover in 1997. Gordon’s appearance and mindset are still stuck in the colonial past. Recently released from prison, he is unable to cope with the New Hong Kong. His sole source of solace is his old flame, Kam.

Chickens 2013

It's the First World War. Our nation's heroes are fighting the good fight on foreign soil, but in one sleepy English village three young men remain: George is a conscientious objector, Cecil has flat feet and Bert really is a coward, unfortunately. They don't fight on the front line, but they do fight each other.

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