Pigs 2007

A college ladies man accepts a challenge from his dorm buddies - sleep with the entire alphabet, A through Z, before graduation. The rules are simple: the rarer the first letter of the girl's last name, the higher the payout. All goes well until he falls for the "X". Now he's torn between his feelings for the girl and winning the bet for his friends.

Three Little Pigs 1933

The two pigs building houses of hay and sticks scoff at their brother, building the brick house. But when the wolf comes around and blows their houses down (after trickery like dressing as a foundling sheep fails), they run to their brother's house. And throughout, they sing the classic song, "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?".

War Pigs 2015

A rag tag unit of misfits known as the War Pigs must go behind enemy lines to exterminate Nazis by any means necessary.

Unstable Fables: 3 Pigs & a Baby 2008

When the three pigs find a tiny wolf cub on their doorstep, they decide to raise him as their own, unaware that they've played right into the plan of a special-ops team of wolves. As the newest addition to their family, Lucky grows into his teens not knowing his history, his role in the wolves' plan or the difficult choice he will have to make about the family that raised him.

Pigs Is Pigs 1937

A hungry little pig eats a couple of pies off the windowsill. When it's time for dinner, he ties together the spaghetti of all the other little pigs and eats it all. That night, he has a nightmare where he is force-fed by a mad scientist.

Pigs Is Pigs 1954

Flannery, a railway agent does everything by the book. He gets into a scrape with a customer, McMorehouse, who wants to pay 44 cents freight for two guinea pigs which he considers pets. Flannery, however, considers them pigs (freight 48 cents), a decision he begins to regret when the animals begin to reproduce.

Disco Pigs 2001

Pig and Runt born on the same day, in the same hospital, moments apart. Twins, all but by bloodline. Inseparable from birth, they are almost telepathic. They are one, needing no one else, inhabiting a delicate, insular and dangerous world where they make their own rules and have their own language. But days before their 17th birthday the balance of their world begins to shift. Pig's sexual awakening and jealousy begins to threaten their private universe.

Dead Pigs 2018

A pig farmer, a busboy, a salon owner, an expat architect and a jaded rich girl cross paths as thousands of dead pigs float down the Yangtze River toward Shanghai.

Daddy's Deadly Darling 1972

Teenager Lynn kills her father while he tries to rape her - the receiving officer at the mental hospital cannot convince her that her father is dead. After electric shock treatment she escapes in a nurses car. There is a farm where the manager is unable to feed his pigs on the usual swill, they have tasted blood - Human Blood! Lynn stumbles on the farm, she is looking for work she explains. "Papa they tell me, what do you see One little girl as deadly as can be." The circle begins, feed people to the pigs - then eat the pigs.

Long Pigs 2010

A documentary by two desperate young filmmakers who stumble upon the ultimate subject, a 33 year old cannibalistic serial killer named Anthony McAllister

The King of Pigs 2011

After his business goes bankrupt, 30 something Kyeong-Min kills his wife impulsively. Hiding his anger, he seeks out his former middle school classmate Jong-Seok. Jong-Seok now works as a ghostwriter for an autobiography, but he dreams of writing his own novel. For the first time in 15 years they meet. Kyeong-Min and Jong-Seok both hide their own current situations and begin to talk about their middle school days.

Pigs 1984

Grim tale of marginalized souls in an apocalyptic Dublin inner city. Jimmy takes up residence in a derelict and once elegant house in a no-go inner area. He is soon joined by other squatters, George a business man trying to retain some dignity, Ronnie a drug dealer, Tom a paranoiac, Orwell a Jamaican pimp and his prostitute Mary

Pigs 2014

Iseng, a little boy with Down's syndrome, occupies himself by wandering about the pig-sty. His mother has lost her baby and is so wrapped up in grief she barely takes any notice of her son. A sick piglet gives Iseng an idea: in an attempt to comfort his mother and gain her attention he places the animal in the empty cradle. But when his mother discovers the piglet, it is already dead. Revolted by the sight, she initially rejects her son. But then she recognises Iseng’s need for love. Concentrating on looks and gestures rather than words and music – both of which are absent – this short film makes a silent appeal not to dwell on what is lost but to recognise and cherish life’s gifts.


A close-range look at pigs living on a farm in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pigs 2011

A maturation trip, the childish nightmare of K. In a wooden house, she revives her childhood's fears and desires and experiences her sexual awakening...

Pigs! 1965

Portrays a group of pigs on a farm, sleeping, eating, and exploring the barnyard.

Pigs 2016

A dysfunctional young couple argues after their sex session.

Tim Allen: Men Are Pigs 1990

Comedian Tim Allen shares his enthusiasm for power tools, automobiles, grunting, and the myriad obsessions of the American male in this special for the Showtime premium cable network, which was aired a few years before he rose to stardom with the television sitcom Home Improvement.

Piggsburg Pigs!

Piggsburg Pigs! is a Fox Kids animated comedy series from Ruby-Spears Productions, which aired in 1990. On July 23, 2001, Piggsburg Pigs! and other properties of Saban Entertainment were sold to The Walt Disney Company.

Pig's Breakfast 1999

Pig's Breakfast is an Australian children's television series that was broadcast in 1999. The story involves two aliens, Meeba and Grob, who have crashed at a television studio on Earth in a galactic school bus. A producer at the station finds them and puts them in a TV show, thinking that the aliens are actors in costumes. Her two children, Rodney and Lucy, are the only ones who know that they are actually aliens.

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