The French Detective 1975

When political thugs murder an opponent's volunteer and also kill a cop, chief inspector Verjeat believes the politician who hired them is as guilty as the murderous goon. Verjeat's pursuit of the councilman, Lardatte, gets him a warning from his superiors. When he embarrasses Lardatte while disarming a hostage (the dead volunteer's father), Verjeat is told he's being transferred within a week. He speeds up his hunt for the goon and, with Lefévre, one of his young detectives, he engineers a complicated scheme to buy more time before the transfer. How should Verjeat play out his values of honor and duty?

Dear Inspector 1977

When Lise's car bumps Antoine's bike, they recognize each other from a brief fling 20 years before while at the Sorbonne. He's now a professor of Greek; she's loathe to tell him she's a police inspector. A call interrupts their first dinner date: a Deputy of the National Assembly has been murdered. She has a suspect, another Deputy, and must track him while deflecting Antoine's eye from her vocation. All roads in the inquiry lead to Christine Vallier, the dead Deputy's mistress, a beguiling 22-year-old whose mother ran the Assembly's snack bar. When more deputies die and Antoine learns Lise's identity, she must act quickly solve the crime and save her future.

Chicken with Plums 2011

Nasser-Ali, a talented musician, loses the will to live after his wife breaks his beloved violin during an argument. He searches for a replacement, and finding none that sounds quite the same, he vows to die. Eight days later, he does. This is the story of his last week of life, where we see flashbacks and flash forwards of his previous life and his children's futures. We also see appearances of a nude Sophia Loren as well as the angel of death, Azarel. As we see his life, we realize exactly why he chose to end it and the profundity of this choice.

Chicken Little 1943

It's a peaceful day at the local poultry farm until Foxy Loxy happens along intent on a chicken dinner. He takes the advice of a book on psychology by striking "the least intelligent" first and convinces dim witted Chicken Little the sky is falling. Chicken Little spreads the word but when head man Cocky Locky proves the story to be false, Foxy Loxy spreads rumors that Cocky Locky isn't the smart chicken he appears to be, which leads to the ultimate undoing of the chickens at the hands of Foxy Loxy.

The Chicken 2014

As a present for her 6th birthday, Selma gets a live chicken. When she realises the animal is going to be killed to feed the family, she decides to save it and set it free, unaware of the high stakes such action will lead to.

You Were Never Duckier 1948

Finding that the prize for best duck at the National Poultry Show is only $5.00, but $5,000 for the best rooster, Daffy disguises himself as one, but then becomes the object of Henery Hawk's chicken hunt.

Tom's Photo Finish 1957

Tom has a chunk of the leftover chicken just before his owner George goes to look at the fridge. He threatens to take care of whichever animal did it. Tom frames Spike the dog, but Jerry snaps a photo of him in the act, prints up dozens of copies, and then battles Tom to get George to see one of them.

Chicken Little 2005

When the sky really is falling and sanity has flown the coop, who will rise to save the day? Together with his hysterical band of misfit friends, Chicken Little must hatch a plan to save the planet from alien invasion and prove that the world's biggest hero is a little chicken.

Chicken for Linda!

Paulette has scolded her daughter Linda unjustly. To make up for it, she promises to cook her some chicken with peppers, her dead dad’s favorite dish. But how do you buy chicken on the day of a general strike? All the shops are closed. So you go to a farm in the country and persuade the farmer’s wife to sell you a bird. Then, on the drive home, you have to explain to a policeman what a live chicken is doing in your car. In the meantime, the chicken jumps out and runs off. What follows is a frantic chase: Paulette after the chicken, the policeman after Paulette, then others including a truck driver allergic to chicken feathers and other zealous cops along with every kid in the neighborhood!

La poulette grise 1947

An experimental short film of images and music made by Norman McLaren.

Poulette's Chair 2014

Paulette plays in the back yard, in the shade of a tall tree, with her doll, somewhere out in the countryside. Secretly watching other children have fun without her makes her sad. Then suddenly the wooden chair she is sitting on begins to move, and throws her off. She bravely gets on the chair again, which starts to buck like a wild horse, making her very happy. Racing through the countryside, the chair then throws her off, right into the middle of the group of playing children, helping her overcome her shyness.

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