Strike 2007

In poverty, she found strength. In oppression, she found courage. In solidarity, she found a reason to believe again. Acclaimed German actress Katharina Thalbach (THE TIN DRUM, SOPHIE’S CHOICE) stars in this hard-hitting historical drama set during the rise of Poland’s Solidarity movement. An illiterate single mother, Agnieszka Kowalska is a Socialist "heroine of labor" for working long hours as a shipyard welder… until her superiors deny compensation to the widows of 21 workers killed in an industrial disaster. Risking her job, her life, and the love of her son to defy the bureacracy, Agnieszka inspires the largest labor strike in world history… and becomes a national hero. Volker Schlöndorff adapted this "ballad based on historical events" from the biography of Anna Walentynowicz, the free trade activist who mobilized a million Poles for Solidarity and helped hasten the fall of Communism. Filmed entirely on location at Poland’s Lenin Shipyard, where history was made.

Danzig: Il Demonio Nera

Hard-core rocker Glenn Danzig personally combed through the archives to choose tracks for this collection of videos, outtakes, alternative versions and previously unreleased material from his band's "Danzig 4" (2000) and "Danzig 5" (2002) projects. The result is a variety of versions of classic hits such as "Cantspeak," "I Don't Mind the Pain," "Sacrifice," "Sadistikal," "Serpentia" and "Until You Call on the Dark."

Danzig: [1988] Sheffield, UK 1988

Danzig at Sheffield City Hall, Sheffield, England Twist of Cain Mother Am I Demon Mother of Mercy She Rides Horror Biz The Hunter Evil Thing Not of This World

Danzig: [1998] Bizarre Festival 1998

Mother 7th House It's Coming Down Until You Call on the Dark Sacrifice Snakes of Christ Dirty Black Summer Her Black Wings Deep Twist of Cain Bringer of Death Death Comes Ripping

Danzig: Archive de la Morte

1. Dirty Black Summer 2. Dirty Black Summer (GD Performance) 3. Dirty Black Summer (Band Performance) 4. How The Gods Kill (R Version) 5. How The Gods Kill (Band Performance) 6. Sistinas (Unreleased) 7. Bodies (Camera 1 - Unreleased) 8. Bodies (Camera 2 - Unreleased) 9. It's Coming Down (MTV Version) 10. It's Coming Down (Box R Version) 11. It's Coming Down (Totally Uncensored) 12. Mother '93 (Live) 13. Left Hand Black (Live)

Danzig: [1992] Santa Cruz, CA 1992

Danzig at Civic Auditorium, Santa Cruz, CA, USA Godless Left Hand Black Snakes of Christ Am I Demon How the Gods Kill Mother Dirty Black Summer Sistinas Her Black Wings Pain in the World She Rides Do You Wear the Mark Evil Thing Twist of Cain Long Way Back From Hell Anything When Death Had No Name

Danzig: [1996] Auburn Hills, Michigan 1996

Danzig at The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI, USA 01. Mother 02. Sacrifice 03. Until You Call On The Dark 04. 7th House 05. Blackacidevil 06. Deep 07. It's Coming Down 08. Dirty Black Summer 09. Hint Of Her Blood 10. Bringer Of Death 11. Twist of Cain 12. Long Way Back from Hell

Danzig: [1995] Live at Fargo, ND 1995

Danzig at Civic Memorial Auditorium, Fargo, ND, USA Brand New God Little Whip Until You Call on the Dark Her Black Wings Devil's Plaything How the Gods Kill Do You Wear the Mark Dirty Black Summer It's Coming Down Cantspeak Going Down to Die She Rides Stalker Song Mother Twist of Cain Bringer of Death

Le rose di Danzica 1979

The plagued climate of the era is realized in the encounter and later in the friendship between the general Konrad Von Der Berg, who refused to command a ruthless suppression of opponents and from whose diary the story is drawn, and Eric Von Lehner Baron, who has orders to escort Von Der Berg to a prison camp.

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