Retribution 2015

While Carlos, a banking executive, takes his two kids to school in his car, he gets a phone call telling him that there is a bomb under the seats and he must to gather a large amount of money; otherwise, his car will blow up.

The Perfect Stranger 2011

The mysterious arrival of a foreigner to a small village in a Mediterranean island, awake the sudden interest from a diverse group of residents, who will appear unexpectedly in the stranger's life, believing that he's going to reopen an old shop. In contrast, the real intentions of the stranger are hidden behind an old Polaroid photo, which has led him to that place in search of answers.

El desconocido 1974

Disenfranchised drifter finds a home, working on a young orphan woman's ranch.

Cantinflas: El Gendarme Desconocido 1941

A gang of thieves has jeopardized the city and even the police, whose chief urges their forces to captured the band within 48 hours. Meanwhile, band members meet in a cafe run by a widow and her daughter and her suitor, Cantinflas, who maintains a scuffle with the robbers running all at the station. Since then, Cantinflas become a member of the police force for special missions.

To an Unknown God 1977

An ageing man comes to terms with his mortality and his sexual orientation. The film was groundbreaking in its frank and mature examination of homosexuality.

El mariachi desconocido 1953

This film is considered one of Tin Tan's funniest comedies. This time, the charismatic comedian incarnates a mariachi musician that lives the most entertaining an extraordinary adventures while traveling from Mexico to the paradisaic island of Cuba. An example of the excellent cinematographic comedy that only Tin Tan can achieve.

Regresa un desconocido 1961

John, manager of a company, play a game of cards with a group of people he has met in a nightclub. Realizing that one of them cheats, fights with him, and there is a violent fall. Another attendee, a doctor certifies his death. To remove the dead, John is forced to commit embezzlement in your company ...

!Hola, desconocido! 1998

On Spain's Costa Blanca, a girl writes notes, sticks them in bottles, and tosses the bottles into the sea: "Hello, Stranger! I'm Paula and I'm 10." Fernando, a solitary man of 59, finds one of the bottles and writes to Paula. A correspondence ensues in which she tells him about her personal life (her father dead, her mother remarried, her friend gone to Algeria) ; he tells her he's not happy. Fernando's wife asks who the girl is in a photo on his desk. He makes up a story. Paula calls him ("How did you get this number?"), her mother wants to get rid of her dog, she'd like to meet Fernando. Where is this leading?

Perfect Strangers 2017

Remake of the Italian movie "Perfetti sconosciuti (2016)". During a lunar eclipse, seven friends gather for dinner and decide to play a game in which they must share with each other the content of every message, email or phone call they receive throughout the evening.

Address Unknown 1944

US art dealer returns to his native Germany for a visit and is attracted by Nazi propaganda.

Address Unknown 2001

Romances end in blood and the frail hopes of individuals are torn apart in a vile karmic continuity of colonialism, civil war and occupation. After surviving Japanese colonization, Korea became the first war zone of the Cold War. The legacy of war remains today in this divided country. Three forlorn teenagers, Chank-guk, Jihum and Eunok are figures in the landscape of this story, which highlights the global implications of a very Korean reality. None of them is able to escape the withering pull of tragedy. All desperate pleas for love and redemption are returned stamped in red with "Address Unknown".

Unknowns 2012

A group of young unknown actors arrive in Hollywood with dreams of fame and fortune. When they are cast in a horror film they become the unsuspecting participants in a snuff film - theirs.

We Were Strangers 1949

China Valdes joins the Cuban underground after her brother is killed by the chief of the secret police, Ariete. She meets and falls in love with American expatriate Tony Fenner. Tony develops a plan to tunnel under the city's cemetery to a plot owned by a high official, assassinate him, and blow up the whole Cuban hierarchy at the ensuing state funeral. Together with a band of dedicated revolutionaries, they begin digging.

The Twilight Zone 1959

A series of unrelated stories containing drama, psychological thriller, fantasy, science fiction, suspense, and/or horror, often concluding with a macabre or unexpected twist.

Unknown Chaplin 1983

A documentary series examining the film making methods and techniques of Charles Chaplin. Featuring previously unseen footage from Chaplin's private film archive.

The Twilight Zone 2002

The Twilight Zone is a 2002 revival of Rod Serling's 1950/60s television series, The Twilight Zone. It aired for one season on the UPN network, with actor Forest Whitaker assuming Serling's role as narrator and on-screen host. The series was produced by New Line Television, which since 2008 is a division of Warner Bros., which released Twilight Zone: The Movie.

Persons Unknown 2010

Persons Unknown is an American mystery drama television series that revolves around strangers who are imprisoned inside a small ghost town. The thirteen-episode summer series premiered on June 7, 2010 at 10:00 p.m. on NBC. On June 30, NBC moved the show to 8:00 p.m. on Saturday from its Monday time slot. It completed its run on August 28, 2010. The series was canceled shortly thereafter.

Uninhabited Planet Survive! 2003

Uninhabited Planet Survive, also known as Planet Survive is a Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Action/Adventure anime series that aired in Japan on NHK from October 2003 to October 28, 2004. It is a 52 episode series produced by Telecom Animation Film and Madhouse Production.

The Twilight Zone 1985

The Twilight Zone is the first of two revivals of Rod Serling's acclaimed 1950/60s television series of the same name. It ran for two seasons on CBS before producing a final season for syndication.

Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson

Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson is a 1993 film made by acclaimed American documentary filmmaker Barbara Kopple. Though Tyson was in jail serving a sentence for rape, Kopple used existing interviews with the boxer, as well as her own extensive interviews with those closest to Tyson, to explore the man's history. The film traces Tyson's story from his troubled and tumultuous upbringing, through his rapid ascendancy in the ranks of the boxing world and his subsequent struggle with the trappings of fame. Fallen Champ earned Barbara Kopple a Directors Guild of America award as Best Documentary Director of 1993.

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