Plaza Suite 1971

Film version of the Neil Simon play has three separate acts set in the same hotel suite in New York's Plaza Hotel with Walter Matthau in a triple role. In the first, Karen Nash tries to get her inattentive husband Sam's attention to spruce up their failing marriage. In the second, brash film producer Jesse Kiplinger tries to get his former one-time flame Muriel to see him for what he stands for. In the third, Roy Hubley and his wife Norma try and try to get their uncertain-of-herself daughter out of the bathroom before her approaching wedding.

The Plaza 2013

What are the pedestrians looking for when they stop in the plaza? A documentary based on atmospheric sensations, the film reveals the human’s need for the company of others. The images and sounds reveal a dream-like show in which the elderly, couples and children unravel inside this oasis, where only the here and now matter, beyond the city flow.

The Beach 1964

The tattoos of two men lying on a beach come to life, and start playing tricks on the surrounding bathers.

Wexford Plaza 2017

An isolated and friendless female security guard finds a glimmer of hope when a charming bartender shows her kindness.

Park Plaza 605 1953

Suave private investigator, Norman Conquest, (Tom Conway) intercepts a secret message and meets a beautiful but foreign blonde lady, Nadina Rodin (Eva Bartok), in room 605 of the Park Plaza hotel. But when Conquest wakes up in the room the next morning he is lying next to a dead body. With the mysterious blonde nowhere to be seen, Conquest soon becomes the police s number one suspect with Inspector Williams (Sid James) following his every move. In order to clear his name, Conquest enlists the help of Pixie Everard (Joy Shelton), but the going gets rough when he discovers that the murder is connected to a stash of stolen diamonds. As gun-happy gangs of communists and Nazi sympathisers turn up the heat, Conquest has to solve the murder whilst staying one step ahead of both the gangs and the police.

Loneliness Square 2016

For over 20 years, photographer Maya Goded has intimately documented the lives of a close community of prostitutes in Mexico City. With dignity and humor, these women now strive for a better life — and the possibility of true love.

Plaza Concrète 2016

Mixing analog and digital technologies, ‘Plaza Concrète’ is a series of hallways generated by electronic signals. Unfolding inside melting architectures, the space depicted is reminiscent of the malleable nature of the video image and manifests the tension between matter and electricity through constant shifts of perspectives.

One Police Plaza 1986

A veteran New York City Police Lieutenant's investigation of a woman's murder uncovers corruption in high places.

Nuevo en esta plaza 1966

Film that tells the biography of the great bullfighter Sebastian Palomo Linares Linares, with the very skilled actor who plays the character. Palomo Linares belongs to a poor family but with great human values​​. He, like many others of his age, has a dream: to be a bullfighter. He works as an apprentice shoemaker fights secretly at night in the meadows. After a career of suffering and obstacles, the boy never lost hope, typical of his strong Christian convictions, and became a teacher, finally achieving success in the sand. The film shows with particular clarity the great Spanish tradition, as is the art of bullfighting.

Unlucky Plaza 2014

The lives of an arrogant young motivational speaker in debt to the Chinese mafia, his lookin’-to-get-out girlfriend, and a single father in dire straits fatefully intertwine in this nail-biting thriller from Singapore that is based, almost unbelievably, on a true story.

The Plaza 2010

Documentary - The Plaza is a story 70 years in the making. The last neighborhood movie theater in Atlanta Georgia, struggles to survive in a world of multiplexes by offering it's audience many unique and special attractions. Old movies, horror shows with live actors, special screenings, events and parties are all part of the business model that owners Jonathan and Gayle Rej have developed in order to compete with the national chains as they keep the doors open and the audiences entertained in this historic movie palace. - Nik Morgan, Eddie Ray

Plaza Man 2014

For 50 years now Robert Groden has tried to find the truth about who killed President John F. Kennedy. In his private life, as a father and husband, Robert's obsessive quest for truth has come at a high price.

Plaza Suite 1982

HBO filmed version of the Neil Simon play (filmed in front of a live audience) has three separate acts set in the same hotel suite in New York's Plaza Hotel with Lee Grant and Jerry Orbach playing three roles.

Plaza Suite 1987

Hilarity abounds in this portrait of three couples successively occupying a suite at the Plaza.

Plaza Sésamo

Plaza Sésamo is an educational children's television series for preschoolers, which is the Spanish-language adaptation for Mexico and Latin America of Sesame Street. Both programs are pioneers of the contemporary educational television standard, combining both education and entertainment. The program was first broadcast in 1972. Originally co-produced by the Children´s Television Workshop, Xerox and Televicentro. Manolo Barbachano then with Televisión Independiente de México brought the idea of making a Spanish speaking version to John Page who became the Executive Producer and produced the series from the Taller de Televisión Infantil in Mexico City. It was written by Juan Manuel Torres, Ana María Palos, Gerardo de la Torre and Grillo MacGregor. Studio producer was Fernando Morett and documentaries were done by Roberto Lomelí. The editor was Gabriel Carbajal and Content Supervision was the responsibility of Zita Chao and later on by Patricia Arriaga Jordán. The second season was produced by Children's Television Workshop and Televicentro. Later it was produced mainly in Mexico by CTW and Mexican television network Televisa. it aired in america of the united states

30 Rock 2006

30 Rock is an American television comedy series that ran on NBC from October 11, 2006, to January 31, 2013, and was created by Tina Fey. The series, which is loosely based on Fey's experiences as head writer for Saturday Night Live, takes place behind the scenes of a fictional live sketch comedy series depicted as airing on NBC. The series' name refers to 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City, the address of the GE Building, in which the NBC Studios are located.

Plaza Patrol 1991

Plaza Patrol was a short lived sitcom, featuring Cannon and Ball. Cannon and Ball played incompetent security guards of a shopping mall. To date this was their final prime time TV series.

Shangri-La Plaza

"Shangri-La Plaza" is a musical-comedy pilot made for CBS-TV in 1990. The all-sung “Shangri-La Plaza” was directed by Nick Castle and written and created by Mark Mueller and Nick Castle. It starred The Office’s Melora Hardin, Chris Sarandon and Broadway’s original Beast and Javert Terrence Mann, a two-time Tony Award Nominee for Best Actor. It also featured the very young tap dancing phenomenon Savion Glover in one of his first television appearances. The pilot was filmed on location in an actual mini-mall at the corner of Vineland Avenue and Burbank Boulevard in North Hollywood, California. The entire episode is now available in three parts on YouTube.

Eloise at the Plaza

Eloise at the Plaza is a live-action film based on the Eloise series of children's books drawn and written by Kay Thompson and Hilary Knight. It stars young Sofia Vassilieva as Eloise, an irrepressible six-year-old girl who lives in the penthouse at the top of the Plaza Hotel in New York City. This film was produced by Handmade Films and DiVoli Pictures for Walt Disney Television with distribution handled by the ABC Television Network, and released on both VHS and DVD by Buena Vista Home Entertainment in 2003.

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