Poster Boy 2004

With the help of a hot, slightly older new acquaintance (Noseworthy), the closeted son (Newton) of a conservative U.S. Senator (Lerner) puts a shocking spin on his dad's re-election campaign.

Poster Boys 2017

Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

The Poster 1924

A mother sells a photo of her daughter to the press for publicity, and a daughter suddenly dies leaving the mother desperate surrounding by portraits of her daughter all around town.

Poster Boy 2015

When he was a child, Vitor was the poster boy for a toothpaste brand. Now adult, he's about to meet a girl he hasn't seen in a long time, when he was still a boy, young and famous.

Poster Girl 2010

POSTER GIRL is the story of Robynn Murray, an all-American Apple pie high-school cheerleader turned tough-as-nails machine gunner in the Iraq War and a “poster girl” for women in combat, distinguished by Army Magazine’s cover shot. Now Sgt. Robynn Murray comes home from Iraq, to face a new kind of battle she never anticipated. Her tough-as-nails exterior begins to crack, leaving Robynn struggling with the debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Shot and directed by first-time filmmaker Sara Nesson, POSTER GIRL is an emotionally raw documentary that follows Robynn over the course of two years as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, using art and poetry to redefine her life.

A Hand-written Poster 2017

When a professor files a lawsuit against her over hand-written posters, university student Hye-ri goes to the clubroom to see her friend Min-young, with whom she made the poster. Finding her there with a new member, Hye-ri is caught up in an inner conflict.

The Bill Poster 1933

Krazy is pasting posters all over town. He then goes to visit his girlfriend. At her house, he has lots of problems dealing with her bratty kid.

Musical Poster #1 1940

A British WWII propaganda short warning citizens that Nazi sympathizers could be listening to their everyday conversations to discover important information about the war effort.

Behind the Poster 2010

The "Polish Poster School" is as widely known around the world as the Polish Film School. Beginning with the post-World War II era, the poster became a key tool for popular communication. In Communist times, the poster also offered colorful accents to an otherwise overwhelmingly gray public space. Ironically, during the 1950s, '60s and '70s (when several Polish graphic designers rose to worldwide prominence), the advertising of films was not a necessity. A frustrated and hopeless populace regularly relied on cinema for escape. It was in that time of massive unrest that artists like Julian Pałka, Jan Lenica, Roman Cieślewicz and Henryk Tomaszewski created the most expressive and unique images of the form. Marcin Latałło's lauded documentary film is a double-layered construction, telling both the story of the movement and, in parallel, following the footsteps of Ania, a young designer who faces an extremely tricky challenge: she must create a poster for the film itself.

The Four Poster 1952

Jan de Hartog's two-person stage play The Fourposter has always seemed to attract married acting couples, a tradition established by the play's first Broadway stars Hume Cronyn and Jessica Tandy. The film version featured Rex Harrison and Lilli Palmer, who (you guessed it) were man and wife at the time. The story traces the history of a marriage from the wedding night in 1890 to the death of the wife in the 1930s; all crucial scenes are acted out in the couple's boudoir, near the fourposter bed they'd received as a wedding present. The passing years, and the triumphs and tragedies of the couple, are wittily represented by transitional animation sequences produced by the UPA cartoon studios. A musical version of The Fourposter titled I Do I Do opened on Broadway in 1966, breaking precedent by starring Mary Martin and Robert Preston, who were happily married but not to each other.

Dusty Stacks of Mom: The Poster Project 2013

Interweaving the forms of personal filmmaking, abstract animation, and the rock opera, this animated musical documentary examines the rise and fall of a nearly-defunct poster and postcard wholesale business; the changing role of physical objects and virtual data in commerce; and the division (or lack of) between abstraction in fine art and psychedelic kitsch. Using alternate lyrics as voice over narration, the piece adopts the form of a popular rock album reinterpreted as a cine-performance.

Feeling Free with 3D Magic Eye Poster Remix 2004

Appropriating a dated exercise video hosted by actress Angela Lansbury, Feeling Free presents a woman, played by Moulton, who attempts to follow the televised workout in her living room even as elements of her home décor begin to appear onscreen. Deriving its title from an inspirational segment of Lansbury's program, Feeling Free subjects the appropriated footage to eccentric visual and audio displacements, culminating in a psychedelic dance sequence set to a remix of the program's insipid theme song. The piece was first shown in the context of Moulton's multimedia performance Decorations of the Mind.

American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art 2009

American Artifact chronicles the rise of American rock poster art since it's birth in the'60s. Award-winning director, Merle Becker crosses the country interviewing the rock poster artists from the different eras to discover that America is currently in the midst of a 21st century "rock poster art movement", where thousands of artists around the country are doing silk screened rock poster art inspired by their local scene, the music of our time, and the spirit of our era.

Joe Matarese: The Poster's Wrong 2018

Joe Matarese is live in Philadelphia in his second 1 Hour Comedy Special called The Poster's Wrong. He's a very neurotic guy and if you saw Rocky 500 times like Joe did you will truly appreciate why this special is called the Poster's Wrong. Sit back and enjoy him in his element at Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia.

Posterized 2014

Director Andrew Jenks will sit former NBA center Shawn Bradley down for a candid interview which will act as the narrative spine for a short film about expectations, misconceptions, and a promise, which in hindsight may have not been entirely unfulfilled.

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