'Di Puwedeng Hindi Puwede 1999

Carding is an ex-convict trying to start anew outside the bars and got a job as a taxi driver. However, just as he swore not to get involved in any illegal activities, a young woman Kristine rented his taxi cab as a getaway vehicle in a in a staged abduction, where she played as the hostage. As Carding put his best foot forward to save her from the kidnappers yet policemen mistook him as one of the crooks. For the second time around, he got arrested. Carding escaped from the jail and found out Kristin’s deception. He implored her to clean up his name to the authority. The conscience-stricken Kristin affirmed to attest the truth. As her statement was broadcast in the Philippine television, it is also seen by the Robbery Gang leader.

Neither Man nor Beast 2013

The lives of a matriarch, her two sons, and her niece are never the same again as they come to terms with an indiscretion in the family. A pivotal decision is made and a downward spiral ensues wherein the outcome can be no less than earth-shattering.

In Case They Don't Arrive 2016

A series of mysterious hand-illustrated postcards take a young woman on a journey throughout the Philippines in search of its anonymous writer.

To Wed or Not 2011

Toni and Uge play close cousins in this movie. One is trying to end her marriage and the other trying to get married. Together they will discover and rediscover the most important lessons on staying married and getting married.

They Will Not Age 2014

A group of friends, prompted by the frequent sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects or U.F.O.'s in Zambales in the mid-nineties, decide to take a trip to the province to retrace the legend of the sightings. They then befriend a local, who they presume is their age group, not knowing exactly who or what he is. Little do they know that the local will become the spark that would threaten to ruin the friendship that has already been strained with many things that have been left unsaid.

I Won't Forget You 1993

A story about an unusual relationship between a brother and sister. Carmina, an ambitious lass is accepted on a scholarship in Manila. Her brother Aga struggles to support her all throughout her school years. But Carmina, influenced by her peer, is disgraced by her brother's illiteracy and what was once a harmonious relationship is suddenly ruined. A compelling drama of a brother-sister relationship

Ang Hindi Ko Masambit 2017

A deaf child who dreams of attending school faces a series of rejections from his mother because of an unprecedented past.

Hindi Ako Ander, Tanong Mo Kay Kumander 1996

Real-life husband and wife Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga took their talented daughter Allyssa through her paces in her first film appearance. Janno was jobless husband forced to keep house. Bing was his beautiful wife with a promising career. Pilita and Elizabeth were the warring mothers-in-law. It was the little girl Allyssa who was trying to keep the household sane and her family together.

The Moon is Not Ours 2011

This short video is about the itineraries of lost love, and the all-consuming luminosity of our eventual sadness.

Hindi pa tapos ang laban 1994

Fernando Poe Jr. stars as Carding Villamar, a city professional who returns to their hometown of Evangelista after learning of his brother's untimely demise. As a series of events unfold, he soon discovers that his brother didn't succumb to a heart attack as he was made to believe. He was shot in cold blood for refusing to sell his land to a powerful congressman. With a town muted and crippled by fear, the congressman's henchmen move unhampered to silence Carding and his brother's orphaned family as well. Big mistake. Armed with only a crusty riffle and a whole ton of rage. Carding sets out to right the wrong and exact vengeance for the murder of his brother. That is, if he survives the hot pursuits of bounty hunters, the militia and the police who are all in the congressman's payroll.

You Cannot Trample Me 1984

During World War II, the "dark years" in the Philippine history, Tacing is a woman involved in different love affairs which resulted in endless trials and tribulations.

Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo

A soft boy. A strong girl. Tayo Muna Habang Hindi Pa Tayo is a love story that comes close but not far enough. When Alex DTR-ed and found out that Carlo is not ready to commit to a relationship, Alex must ask herself if love can survive without commitment.

The World is not Yours, Baby Porcuna 1978

Based on the real life events, this film tells the tragedy of Baby Porcuna, the sister of notorious gangster of the 1960s, Boy Porcuna, and her liaisons with men.

Hindi Hai Hum

Hindi Hai Hum is a daily soap that airs on the new Indian channel Real TV. It is a story centred on India's youth.

Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa

Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa or Never Be Alone is a Filipino drama series created and written by Dode Cruz, under the direction of Gil Tejada, aired on GMA Network. This series headlines Jennylyn Mercado and Sid Lucero, Frank Magalona, Krystal Reyes and Angelu de Leon. The series premiered on July 9, 2012 replacing Hiram na Puso on GMA Afternoon Prime block and July 11, 2012 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa will end on October 26, 2012 and to be replaced by Yesterday's Bride. It ran for 16 weeks with a total of 80 episodes overall.

Maghihintay Pa Rin

Maghihintay Pa Rin or Bitter Sweet Life is a Filipino drama television series created by Dode Cruz, developed by Kit Villanueva-Langit and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on June 10, 2013 on the network's coveted Afternoon Prime block, replacing Bukod Kang Pinagpala, and on June 12, 2013 worldwide via GMA Pinoy TV. The series headlines Bianca King, Rafael Rosell and Dion Ignacio playing the three main characters. It executive produced by Darling Pulido-Torres and directed by Don Michael Perez. The series concluded its sixteen-week run on September 27, 2013, comprising seventy nine episodes, and replaced by Magkano Ba ang Pag-ibig? on its timeslot. The forty-five minute scripted drama narrates the story of ill-fated lovers Kiko Sebastian and Geneva de Villa and the odds that they try to beat, including social status and their conflicting families.

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