City Streaming 1990

This is a film made in Toronto, in memoriam, so to speak - a memory piece, a "piecing-together" of the experience of living there. The consciousness of the maker comes to sharply focused visual music - not to arrive at snapshots, as such, but rather to "sing" the city as remembered from daily living...complementary, then, to an earlier film, "Unconscious London Strata."

Streaming Wonderland: Puppies Crash Christmas 2017

Clocking in at about 33 minutes, “Puppies Crash Christmas” features a range of puppers — a Pomeranian, a beagle, a West Highland terrier, a husky, and more — creating absolute doggo destruction around the Christmas tree and at the dining table. No gift is left unscathed or food left untasted. In fact, the so-called credits to the scenic pay cheeky tribute to all that was sacrificed to the puppies’ choppers. Embedded in the video are references to numerous TV shows such as “Game of Thrones,” “30 Rock,” “Twin Peaks,” “The Good Place,” “Parks and Rec” and more. While some Easter eggs are obvious, eagle-eyed viewers will be rewarded with some far more obscure references. It’s the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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